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WATCH: Premier League goals and highlights

Watch goals and highlights from the weekend’s Premier League games, including wins for Man Utd, Man City, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal.

Google Assistant Goes to Work for Nvidia’s Shield TV

Nvidia on Thursday announced that its Shield TV now includes Google Assistant as part of its Shield Experience Upgrade 6.0 update, which is now available for download. The update also lets the Shield device work as a SmartThings Hub when paired with a SmartThinks Link.

The SmartThings Link, which can be used to connect Shield TV as a SmartThings Hub, will be released in the coming months with a promotional launch price of US$14.99. The regular price will be $39.99.

Tigers’ tall task

In the eyes of the Bangladesh batsmen, Morne Morkel may have grown into a terror taller than his already towering 6’5” frame, but the task facing the Tigers — scoring 424 to win or batting out a maximum of 141 overs, 15.3 of which have extracted three wickets while yielding just 49 runs — is taller still.

For starters, Bangladesh’s highest fourth innings score in their 102 Tests before this was 413 against Sri Lanka in Dhaka in 2008. More relevant may be that Bangladesh’s highest second-innings score in South Africa is 252 in East London, October 2002.

Their highest fourth-innings score away from home is not much higher — 282 against New Zealand in Hamilton in February 2010.

Bangladesh fans will not feel much better when looking at their highest successful chase in Test cricket. It was a mere 217 for six against West Indies at St. George’s in July 2009.

Tigers make Proteas better

After the first day, which started with the minor debacle of Bangladesh skipper installing South Africa on a flat wicket, batsman Sabbir Rahman called the pitch a flat one repeatedly, even likening it to a Chittagong wicket. After the second day when South Africa declared their innings closed on 496 for three, fast bowler Taskin Ahmed reiterated his teammate’s statement, adding that they would look to draw if they could not win.

On the third day, they were bundled out for 320 by Protea pacers Morne Morkel, Kagiso Rabada and left-arm spinner Keshav Maharaj on the same, flat wicket. If one were to seriously gauge the huge difference between two sides playing on the same pitch, not just ability, but attitude too has to be considered.

Coffee Doesn’t Help Parkinson’s Motor Disorders

Regular cups of coffee will not ease tremors and movement problems caused by Parkinson’s disease, despite prior evidence that caffeine might help, a new clinical trial reports.

Earlier short-term results from the same trial had shown caffeine improved the motor function of a small group of Parkinson patients, researchers said.

But long-term results from the trial now show that patients received no benefit from caffeine by six to 18 months after starting therapy, said lead researcher Dr. Ronald Postuma, an associate professor of neurology at McGill University Health Center in Montreal.

Can You ‘Om’ Your Way to a Healthy Heart?

Meditation may help reduce some risk factors for heart disease, according to a new statement from the American Heart Association.

The statement, released Thursday, also noted that a healthy lifestyle and medicines to control high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other heart threats are the most effective ways to prevent heart disease.

“Although studies of meditation suggest a possible benefit on cardiovascular risk, there hasn’t been enough research to conclude it has a definite role,” said Dr. Glenn Levine, chair of the statement writing group.

আপনার নিয়ন্ত্রণ সংখ্যা

সংখ্যাতত্ত্ব একটি আধিভৌতিক বিদ্যা। মানব সভ্যতার ঊষালগ্ন থেকেই এর চর্চা চলে আসছে। মেসোপটেমিয়া,মিসর, ভারত, চীন সহ সকল প্রাচীন সভ্যতাতেই এর চর্চা হতো।
সংখ্যাতত্ত্ব চর্চা করতে হলে আপনার জন্ম ও কর্মসংখ্যা, তার প্রভাব ও কার্যকারীতা সম্পর্কে জানা প্রয়োজন। আপনি নিজেই জন্ম ও কর্মসংখ্যা বের করতে পারেন।
ধরুন আপনার জন্ম হয়েছে ৪-৩-১৯৮০ ইং তারিখে এখানে আপনার জন্মসংখ্যা হলো ৪।
যদি জন্ম তারিখ যৌগিক সংখ্যা হয় যেমন ১০, ২২,১৫ ইত্যদি হলেও সংখ্যাগুলো পাশাপাশি যোগ কওে জন্মসংখ্যা বের করা যায়।