Developing your Business Website using Wordpress & theme from!

This tutorial will guide you to develop a Business Website easily using wordpress and by installing a theme from

For this tutorial we will use this particular theme: Demo & Download Here 

The webiste will look like this demo: Demo Business Website 

Login to your control panel at or whatever was provided by your host.

Inside your cPanel click on Softaculous Apps Installer.

Select wordpress. Search if needed.

Click on install. But first filll up the fields related to your desire.

After installation is done the webpage will give you the url to your Admin area.
In our case : Administrative URL : 

Login there with the login and password you choose earlier during installation.

Now using Wordpress Admin:
Click on : Change your theme. Or Appearance > Themes [Add New] Then [Upload Theme] 

In the mean time download your selected theme from 

For this tutorial we are choosing the TopNews theme:
Demo here: 

Download this or any other news peper theme from but to understand this tutorial, its best to use this theme. Making a site with other themes from will be similar.

Once you learn how to make website with you can also make a website with other portals free or paid theme.

Now Upload the theme to wordpress as suggested earlier. by clicking [Install Now].

After wordpress says "Theme installed successfully." Click on [activate]

Your news business website is ready. Now you just need to setup the configuration and learn how to run the website.

Appearance > Top ActiveBiz theme options> Change the website logo. First design your logo image, then use upload button to upload it. Then change the Ads Link url & Image. Change the Favicon with a small circular image.

How to setup a business / company website using wordpress:

This part of the turorial is most important. We will show you configure wordpress to setup a business website.

Menu > Pages > Delete any sample pages given there.

Then go to:

Menu > Posts > Delete any sample posts given there.

Click on :

Menu > Pages > [Add New]

Give name of your new page (which will be also menu name). 

Add detail content of page and images. Then click on publish or update button.

Create all the pages that you need such as Products, Contact Us, Gallery one by one.

To create the website menu:

Now go to Appearance > Menus > [Create New Menu] . Name it 'Primary Menu' and Create it.

Click on Pages> Select all the pages and click on [Add to menu]. At the bottom of the page select Secondary Menu. You can also choose Primary menu but thats optional.

If you want to display one menu item as sub menu or clid of another menu item. Then pull it towarws the right side. Save menu.

Your website is fairly done. Now you only need to do advanced settings as you like. Test and learn.

There will be a copyright link of the theme developer at the bottom of the website. If you want you can remove that for $20 onetime.

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