How can i create or design my website.

We will help you to setup your website in three ways.

Firstly if you purchase our premium hosting packages which come with a free website development deal and year round management. We will do it for you. After placing your hosting order, just contact us by opening a support ticket and we will get started and you will have your website up and running within a few days. You will also get free phone and skype support. Teamviewer desktop sharing support etc.

Secondly even if you dont purchase our premium packcage and settle for a cheaper package. We will give you full support, tutorials to setup your website your self. Its much easier to do this by using wordpress software without spending a lot of time on learing to program or get technical. We will present you with easy to understand tutorials so that you can setup and manage your website easily.

Thirdly even if you do not host with us, we can help you to setup your webiste but rates shown on our webdesigning page will be applicable. Which is a bit higher than our premium packages. So its best to use our premium package and enjoy the free website that we develop and mange for you all year round.

You can always create your own website yourself if you know html programming or know how to manage wordpress or other CMS systems. There are tons of free tutorials on the internet about how to setup and mange a website using wordpress or many other CMS systems. They are pretty easy but may become time consuming if you are not directed properly. Thats where we come in to help you and save your time and money with our free guidance.

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