When do I need to pay after I fill up an order form ? Am I bound to pay ?

You can pay immediately after you fill up an order form or make payment later, within few weeks of placing an order. Just remember the ORDER ID or Domain name or the Login Name that you placed the order for.

If you choose to pay later then go to our websites home page and follow the payment info link at the bottom of the page.

No, you are not bound to pay us just because you filled up the order form. Your order is ready for processing only after you make the payment and no payment is even required if you signed up for a totally free or trial package.

Even if you submit the order form and later choose not to host with us then dont worry, the order will be considerd cancelled after few weeks, if you dont make the payment.

Even if you pay us and complete an order, you are qualified for our refund if you decide otherwise later on at any time.

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