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Affiliate Program. (Partnership)

Anyone can sign up for our affiliate partnership program and earn 50% of all sales that happend due to their referral.

In addition you will get 50% comission every time a client renews his account. Either monthly or annually etc.

So if you receive 1000 in on month, then you will get 1000 plus more 1000 on secound month and 3000 on third and so on. Its a great opportunity.

The Opportunity :

Just register on our website here, actiave the affiliate program and copy the affiliate link. Then post it on facebook groups, your timeline and use your own language to promote our products.

Use it as a signature on all your emails.

If you are a website owner, you can create a banner advertisement and link to our website using the provided url.

If you want to work more seriously as a marketing agent. Then you can see local and international business directoreis and send companies listed there offer letter one by one. Its better not to use bulk emailing tools. Rather you will get good response if you sign up for a gmail or hotmail account and send them emails one by one.

Alternaltely you can also use business directoreis to call clients / companies using phone numbers directly. That would bring you 10 times more result. If you want, then we can even provide you with a skype USA, UK telephone number with unlimited call fascility. Call them and get their email and send them offer letter using your refferal affiliate link url.

Calling clinets in wealthy countries will bring you more results. Like USA, UK, Canada, etc but your english skills must be good.

These are just some examples. You can think of many ways to promote and earn.

But dont SPAM or use illegal ways to promote us. Then you will get banned.

Free Domain Hosting

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Website Development

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WordPress Website

We develop and mainten WordPress Websits for anyone hosting with us by a professional web developer. Beautiful, Responsive, mobile, tablet & all devices friendly website. Some of our hosting packages include free development!

OpenCart Store

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